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Autumn leaves….free compost!

Don’t waste the autumn leaves………Make leaf compost

1. Rake up all your leaves, use a plastic leaf rake it is so much easier than a metal rake, otherwise the leaves just get stuck on the metal teeth.  If there are lots of leaves on the lawn mow them to gather them up which makes it easier to collect and also aids the decomposition of them.  Removing the leaves from covering the lawn will also protect the grass from dying off, (which it may do if left covered with a mass of leaves as they form a layer depriving the grass of light and water.  This ‘layer of leaves’ also harbours pests and diseases underneath that could kill off even the healthiest patches of grass).

2. Store the leaves in black plastic bags, with holes cut in the bottom (just stab the bottom of the bag with a garden fork a good few times – think ‘microwave meal’) so they don’t go stagnant/mouldy.

3. Next make sure they are moist, if they are bone dry when you collect them just sprinkle over with the watering can to dampen them off.

4. Tie the top of the bags and store anywhere you have space, round the back of a shed is great.

Repeat this process a few times during the winter/leaf fall as the longer the leaves lay around the thicker they accumulate, which equals greater the damage that could occur to your grass. Regular leaf clearing is the best way to ensure a healthy lawn the following spring.


By this time next year you will have made a great soil improver – all for free!  Get raking (It’s good exercise too and you can get the children helping……well you could try)!