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To Plant a Garden is to Believe in a Better Tomorrow”

Planting and maintaining a garden has great benefits for your mental health and wellbeing. Getting out into your garden planting and even pulling up weeds can help reduce anxiety, depression, stress and improve physical fitness.  

With many of us living through uncertain times and spending lots of time at home this can take its toll on our mental health and wellbeing. It is important for us all to look at the positives of being at home and what we can do that will give us a sense of responsibility and re-connect us to nature.  

Whether you have a large sprawling garden or a balcony with potted plants, there is still so much you can do this time of year that gets you out in to nature and focusing on something other than all the confusion in the world at the moment.  

If you are thinking that you want to get out into your garden but don’t know where to begin, we have some information below that we think will help even the most novice of gardeners get going. 

Tools you will need 

The best starting tools you will need are: Gloves, secateurs, bucket, hand forktrowel and hand rake, fork, spade, push/pull hoe and spring time rake. 

Make sure these tools are all clean when you use them. No need to sing happy birthday twice but it is important they don’t spread disease between plants and around the garden 

This is great time of year to get ahead of weeding, racking up last autumn’s leaves from between your plants and mulching the borders before it gets too dry. Also try and plan aheadnow is the time to start planting, sow seeds and plant bulbs. There are all kinds of jobs to get ahead with to help enjoy the summer in the garden. 

What to look for 

This time of year there is lots of pruning and maintenance to be done in the garden.  

The first and easiest form of maintenance would be to mow your lawn and cut the edges of grass for an instant result and make the entire garden looks loved. Also removing dead and dying foliage and leaves from the boarders, this give them a new lease of life. 

Top tips to remember 

Even if you don’t get a lot done on your first time out in the garden, the main thing is you are getting outside of the house and putting focus into something really positive. Watching your efforts be rewarded by beautiful flowers in the summer will make your effort well worthwhile.  

Should you like for our professional horticulturists to maintain and help design soft landscaping aspects in your garden then please get in contact.