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  • Roof Terrace, Tunbridge Wells
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  • Roof Terrace, Tunbridge Wells

Roof Terrace, Tunbridge Wells

Proof that small is beautiful, this lovely balcony was dull and inspiring with a step that prevented the retired couple from being able to access the space.

Thank you!   It was a joy and delight to walk in and see the final transformation of our ‘hidden garden’ when we returned late this afternoon.   Thank you so much for vacuuming, you left everything so nicely for me.  Jane and Julian

Millboard decking created a light and elegant platform making the space accessible and co-ordinating planters created height to create a cocooned feeling whilst sitting out on the balcony.

Tables, chairs, planters from Oka and a stunning architectural miror from Aldgate home completed this small, but beautiful formed garden.