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Crowborough Garden Design

This garden has divided the large expanse of existing grass into “rooms & zones”. In a large garden it is important to create areas of intimacy within the surrounding bigger space, therefore the proposed garden design incorporates several different areas to achieve this.

The design will allow the client to navigate the site in all weathers and the paths create a journey through the garden, enticing one to explore.  Children can run around the garden, through the stems of the feature trees and explore the paths.

Some of the features include an Oak framed gazebo that will provide an area to entertain – it also creates much needed shade and further privacy and of course, a fabulous focal point that entices one out to explore the garden.

There will be a “feature avenue” of trees from Architectural Plants and a circular planting bed provides a pretty setting for a raised corten steel bird bath/lily bowl feature. The plant border edges are created from corten steel or similar edging material to keep them thin and elegant, yet rustic, avoiding the need for walling to retain.

This build is scheduled for Spring 2017.