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Front Garden Rotherfield TLC!

This front garden and drive project needed a mini make-over to give it the finishing touches it truly deserved and to compliment the work that had been executed on the interior of the house.

There were a number of shrubs in raised beds that had got too big for their boots, the plants that had been selected for this bed were simply the wrong choice due to their overall growing capacity.  They needed to go before the roots cracked the brick work, a few of them ended up in the compost whilst others were given a new home elsewhere in the garden. The raised beds couldn’t cope with their huge root systems, so a more delicate palette of grasses and herbaceous have been added.  The Verbena bonariensis and the grass will fill out to give a slight screen to the drive without being too oppressive, as the shrubs were.

Vistas & Views!

Always consider your views when designing the garden.  We have discussed above how the shrubs were too big for these raised brick planters.  The overgrown shrubs were also impacting the view from the dining room window and also the light being let in.  Take a look at the before and after pictures below…..


The planting on this project has only just been implemented so do come back soon to see a selection of progress photographs.  The box hedging is getting established, as are the Verbena, Astrantia, Gerannium and Heuchara.