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The Urban Jungle

This once neglected suburban garden has been revitalised and transformed into an oasis of creative, architectural planting and practical hard landscaping with key outdoor living zones.

Clever use of levels gives the garden a journey; the lie of existing land was the catalyst for the creation of different spaces to offer interest and encourage the family and guests to explore.  I used the cross section from the survey to identify the key break points to address the levels with cut and fill to terrace the ground into more useable zones, without causing unnecessary earthworks.

At the rear of the property, when standing in front of the living room doors, you find yourself on the top terrace – your eye is instantly drawn to the striking David Harber sculpture sitting pride of place on an elegant plinth in the centre of the terrace, this was designed to be directly on the vista from the line of sight from the master bedroom.

A Rensen structure provides a sophisticated outdoor lounge area, that can be used in all weathers with outdoor fireplace and when sitting inside allows views out across the garden, a comfortable area to entertain and relax throughout the year.

This garden is a project that involves a 100m long, sloping garden belonging to a super client with heaps of passion, ambition & vision.  There is a delicious amount of my favourite style of planting….the bold, the jungly and the architectural!

We are so proud to have seen this amazing project reach it’s completion, it is an absolute joy to see our client enjoying both the house and garden with his friends and family and reaping the benefits of his hard work and determination.