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‘Mojito’ Garden, Tunbridge Wells

Installed by WW Landscapes

Affectionately nicknamed “The Mojito” garden by our client…..quite simply because it is now their favourite place to sip a few!!

This overgrown and unused garden was split into three main areas, the terrace, the lawn and ‘secret’ seating.

By removing the shed it allowed us to expose and “hero” the beautiful brick wall, creating a much more aesthetical setting. Up lighters were positioned within the planting to create a wash of light up the brick wall to enhance the textures. The smaller shed was painted a black as was the boundary walls giving a dramatic backdrop to the new planting

The main lawn was defined with brick edging to reinforce the horizontal lines of the garden, accentuating the length making the lines sleeker and providing a neat mowing edge.

Lines of sight were considered from the windows, so the multi stemmed tree is on the axis from the house.

To continue the client’s love of art we created “compositions” for their current treasures.

We proposed an L-shape seating area with a fire pit in the middle that can be doubled up to use as a coffee table by selecting one that has a lid.

To the right of the kitchen doors is a herb garden, so that the plants are on hand and accessible for cooking. The wall was painted white to create another space for art work/wall mounted sculpture.

A green and white planting scheme to dominate with highlights of colours from your interior, a limited pallet of colour kept to a minimum which will add repetition and consistency to the scheme.