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Garden Design Tunbridge Wells

The clients of this beautiful and elegant town house in central Tunbridge Wells needed a plan for their outside space.  Two concept options were drawn up, a “make the best of what we have got” and also a “dream garden scenario”…………..

This enabled the clients to make a decision on which route they wanted to take according to budget and the constraints of having a long list of other exciting projects they wanted to start inside the house, not to mention being busy with a young family to look after.  By providing two scenarios they can now decide through process of elimination on how to proceed…….take a look at the before and after pictures below (this project is currently being built – pictures are  being updated daily):

Design in summary:

Three specimen shrubs/trees are repeated across the back fence to create height, privacy and interest.  These trees to be lit to enhance their presence at night.
The adults can relax in their secluded “lounge” area whilst still being able to keep an eye on the safety of the children playing, there is still enough space to have a slide or the children’s toys or it can facilitate a bbq area –this can be left versatile.
The design’s main focus is two peninsular style beds with Buxus cubes for structure and tapestry style planting that will create an abundance of rich planting.  Buxus is used creatively and provides evergreen structure whilst a rich tapestry of perennials such as Salvia, Agapanthus, White geraniums, White foxgloves and Alliums are softened by grasses and green foliage plants.
The space is divided to create more interest and incorporate a seating area which together with the trees and lighting creates a focal point that it was lacking previously, this new use of space and interest will draw you into and create a journey through the garden encouraging the family to use the space and make the most of the precious outside space which is often a rarity and a luxury in a town garden.
The use of two different materials such as wood and stone (e.g. limestone) will create different textures, create the illusion of a wider space and add a sensory change under foot when walking from one to another.