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Soft Landscaping | Painting With Plants

Very often, we find that our clients aren’t necessarily looking to have a completely new garden or landscaping design. Sometimes, the simplicity of a well thought out planting scheme is all it takes to rejuvenate and enhance areas in the existing garden that they have. This is where we can offer our soft landscaping only services.

Our soft landscaping services focus on enhancing areas through beautiful, statement planting. Our team of horticulturists use their extensive planting knowledge to design and map out exactly what planting will accentuate the areas of the garden that need rejuvenation.


The first stage is to arrange an initial consultation.

This gives us the chance to listen to your requirements and see in person, the exact areas that need to be transformed.

Once we have gathered all the information we will put together a soft landscaping brief and fee proposal that sets out exactly what work will be carried out on site and any themes/strong likes that are to be included in the planting design.

The next step is presenting your planting plan setting out the type of plants to be used and where they will be planted. In order to help visualise the areas and how stunning they will look when all plants are matured, we provide you with visuals that will also aid in understanding the colour themes/structure to the plants we are proposing for the garden.

We will supply a quote for the cost of the plants.

We have many great industry relationships with suppliers and will always use a reputable, trustworthy source to purchase our plants from.

All of our stock comes from government registered suppliers and we ourselves are also registered Professional Operators ((CRN) 129993).  This is a European led initiative to ensure that all plants and plant products that are moved are traceable and trackable, to avoid the spread of pests and disease.



We love to see the project through from start to finish with a little bit of our heart and soul going into each of our transformations.

Our team love getting out on site and creating a masterpiece, it’s in our DNA.

We would be more than happy to talk through your potential project.

Give us a call today  01892 263863.