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Jack Frost is around….

Jack Frost is around………Monday 28th November!

As Jack Frost now seems to be doing his rounds (and to be fair to ‘Jack’ about time too)…….there are ways of minimising the damage to your plants:

  • Shelter: Them from the morning sun if practical, which can damage growth if the plant defrosts too quickly.
  • Dig up: Small, tender plants and take them into the greenhouse. Many will quickly produce new growth and recover, provided they are not subjected to prolonged periods of heavy frost, wet or cold.
  • Newly-planted: Specimens will often lift themselves proud of the soil surface if there is a hard frost straight after planting. Check them regularly and re-firm the ground around them to ensure their roots are always in contact with the soil.
  • Spring: Once Spring arrives cut back frosted growth to a healthy, new bud, to prevent further die back and encourage plants to produce fresh, new shoots. Feed damaged plants with a balanced fertiliser (one with equal amounts of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) to encourage strong, healthy growth.

According to the Met Office forecast there are no signs yet of another big freeze like we had last year (hooray say the plants) but cold snaps are expected in December, who knows if we will have a white Christmas?