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Alliums – an absolute favourite of mine, a delight and so worth planting!

This is a planting scheme I put together for a client in Tunbridge Wells, showcasing Alliums mixed with other textures and shapes, pictured here with the long dainty stems of Tellima, this complete contrast in shape works so well.

Alliums are a very close relative of the onion family so their flowers, that resemble fireworks frozen in mid-explosion, are equally at home in the vegetable plot, the potager, herb garden or in the flower-packed sunny border.

Take your time to choose your Allium as they are a versatile bunch, you can have flowers from June to Sptember and the colours range from spring-burst purple, soft shimmering lilac, rose-pink and crimson red, to powder-blue, lemon-yellow and pure white.

My top tips for getting a good show from Alliums:

  • Treat them to a sunny position and good drainage, given both they will reappear year after year.
  • Plant them in the autumn, twice the depth of the actual bulb.
  • Plant en-masse for impact, place them mid to back of the border as the leaves are always a bit straggly/discoloured so try and hide the leaves if possible, behind a buxus hedge as in these pics or with other herbaceous perennials to distract from the leaves.
  • If you want to avoid seedlings, dead-head prior to the seeds dispersing, alternatively they can be left in situ as they dry out and then they add an architectural/skeletal feel – I always prefer the latter, can’t bear to rip their beautful heads off!

…….and they can be used in a cutting garden, simply snip out the border, a piece of gingham ribbon tied around 3 or 5 stems and shared with a friend…….if you can bare to cut them of course!

The pictures featured in this post are from a scheme I planted last year, so this is their first year of getting established.