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Winter garden tips……….

Winter garden tips…….A few helpful hints if you are ‘putting the garden to bed’!

Tender plants

  • Protect the crowns of tender plants such as tree ferns, insulate their trunks by wrapping them in layers of fleece or hessian stuffed with straw.
  • Cordylines and palms, tie leaves up into bunches to protect their crowns.
  • Banana plants, after the first mild frosts cut all leaves off just above the top of the stem then create a pyramid with canes that are a good 6 inches higher than the plant, then stuff inside with straw, wrap with string to hold in place. Be careful not to tie too tight as it will damage the delicate stems inside, then wrap with fleece.  Wooden pallets and the same procedures can be used for larger clumps.
  • Leave the old growth of tender plants unpruned over the winter months. This helps to protect the central crown of the plant and take the full force of any frost damage. If plants are cut back hard in autumn new growth could be damaged by frost.