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Telephone: 01892 263863
Email: info@karenmcclure.co.uk

About Karen McClure

Karen’s passion for landscape, gardens, plants and creativity has been with her since she was a toddler, part of the genetic make-up!

After leaving school she went to work as a PA in the City of London, but to indulge her love of landscape she took one day off a week and with determination and regularly staying up half the night, achieved a distinction in her Garden Design Diploma at London’s Museum of Garden History.

Several years later life was put firmly into perspective for Karen, when her father suddenly died a few weeks before her twins were born, tragedy can make you re-prioritise and it certainly did for Karen. Her father’s guiding words and motto in life were “live for today”, she decided to follow this simple strategy by ditching a career in the city to fulfil her childhood dream of becoming a garden designer.

It wasn’t easy for her with two little ones in tow but she successfully completed her Royal Horticultural Society exams at Hadlow College in Tonbridge in 2009.

It has been a lot of hard work to become an established designer, however she is rapidly earning a reliable reputation and now proudly demonstrates an enviable portfolio with many projects that range from large country gardens to simple straight forward planting plans for urban courtyards.

In the past few years the team have transformed many outdoor spaces, little and large, simple and complex, give the studio a call to share your exciting project……01892 263863.