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Garden and Landscape Designer Kent

Why Hire a Professional Garden and Landscape Designer?

Karen McClure is a member of the APL and a Pre-Registered Member of the Society of Garden Designers. These bodies are the professional associations for garden designers and landscapers in the United Kingdom. Karen has been designing gardens of all shapes and sizes for over a decade, and now manages her team from her design studio in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

If you were going to build a house or carry-out work such as an extension or renovations, you would want the work to be carried out by a professional like an architect. As an integral part of your home, your garden should be no different.

A garden designer has been trained to consider composition, scale, planting, textures, tones, as well as the art of good design. Many of our clients know what they would like, or the style they’d like, but don’t know how to achieve this or how it will harmonise with their interiors or surrounding landscape.

Garden designers will be aware of trends and requirements within the industry and will have the skill and knowledge to specify the appropriate materials for your landscaping needs; presenting solutions to what you may consider problems.

A garden designer will have the horticultural knowledge to select the right plants, trees and shrubs and they have the right contacts to help make the build cost-effective and ensure a professional finish is executed with advice on the aftercare plans to ensure that your investment has longevity.

Employing a garden designer will inject creativity that you didn’t think possible, ultimately result in full utilisation of your outdoor space whilst adding commercial value to your property.


We create beautiful outdoor spaces, tailored to your dreams, brief and budget.

Passion is at the core of everything we do. It runs across every project we work on and through the hearts of the KMGD Team.

We are dedicated, passionate individuals who collectively offer an outstanding level of customer service and love to create beautiful outdoor spaces.

Our team have a wide ranging skill-set, efficient administration, co-ordination, strong relationships with industry specialists and an extensive horticultural knowledge. We pride ourselves on being a ‘one-stop-shop’ for the garden design process.

As we are all briefed on each project from the outset, there will always be one of us available to offer advice and answer any queries. This will help to have questions answered promptly but more importantly, it means that the momentum on your project will continue. For more information about our team please visit ‘The Team’ page.

Our projects range from the smallest planting plan, to tackling problem areas, redesigning small, town gardens and landscaping large rural estates.

We work across Kent, East Sussex, Surrey, London and the surrounding area and also remotely with clients living abroad. For more information on previous projects please visit the ‘Portfolio’ page.

The beauty of being independent from the landscaper means as the project build commences and is implemented, we are able to ensure that the client and the landscaper are a good fit and that our clients get the best service tailored to their individual needs & requirements.


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