What We Do


Many of our clients have found it hard to visualise the true potential of their garden. They find themselves confused about where best to put plants, trees and other features such as outdoor lounge areas, seating and dining areas that will bring their families and friends together.


SGD Journal: Specialist of the Year Award 2024

Planting & Horticulture

Very often, we find that our clients aren’t necessarily looking to have a completely new garden or landscaping design. Sometimes, the simplicity of a well thought out planting scheme is all it takes to rejuvenate and enhance areas in the existing garden that they have. This is where we can offer our soft landscaping only services.

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Our process

Our step by step guide to help you understand the journey we will be taking you on.

Stage One – Initial Client Consultation
Stage Two – Conceptual Design Development
Stage Three – Masterplan Design Detailing
Stage Four – Planting Design Development
Stage Five – Garden Build and Planting
Stage Six – Client Aftercare Service


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