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Garden and Landscape Designer Kent Garden and Landscape Designer Kent

Telephone: 01892 263863
Email: info@karenmcclure.co.uk


To design beautiful gardens with creativity & passion whilst offering an exceptional level of customer service – the client being at the forefront of everything we do”.


By listening to our clients brief, exploring their style and identifying budget we will work collaboratively to create an inspiring outdoor space.

The creation and build will be delivered with integrity, outstanding service and professionalism to all those that are involved; our clients, suppliers and contractors.

Accountability for our projects is very important to us, once a project is complete and is being fully enjoyed by our clients, we keep in contact with the owners and their gardeners, returning to see how the garden evolves and to be a constant point of contact and advice.


Passion: Reflect enthusiasm, passion and creativity in everything we do.

Convenience/effectiveness/time saving/Value added: We pride ourselves in supporting projects through to completion, ensuring the process is efficient and enjoyable – ultimately freeing up your time.

Communication: Deliver an exceptional exchange of contact: efficient, responsive & timely.

Confidentiality & Integrity: Respect our clients personal information and identity. The good of the client & project always our priority.

Champion: The industry, the world of design, landscaping and those working in horticulture.

Safety: To protect the longevity of our client’s investment we encourage the use of professional landscapers to ensure the thorough implementation of our designs, using quality materials whilst adhering to the current standards – and of course respecting health, safety and the environment.

Team & Attitude: A can-do & thoughtful attitude to our clients, colleagues, and associates……problem solving to be second nature.

Education: Pursue growth, development and learning from nature as well as from our industry.

Be-spoke & Unique: We embrace outdoor spaces seeking creativity, flair and passion.

Enjoy: Above all enjoy work and the company of whom we collaborate with…… one life, spend it well!