APL Garden Designer Member;
Garden and Landscape Designer Kent

Telephone: 01892 263863
Email: info@karenmcclure.co.uk

Many people find it hard to visualise the true potential of their garden and find themselves very confused when working out where to put plants, trees and features for best effect, often making costly mistakes.

The most important stage in our work is the initial design meeting this is an exchange of information, a two-way process and enables several key points:

  • Allows a free flow of ideas and information
  • Relationships are built between the client and designer
  • The designer learns about the client’s lifestyle
  • The client’s practical requirements and ideas for their garden are identified
  • Likes and dislikes are discussed in order that together we find a place to start, this is the first step to your dream garden………

I work with a number of trusted landscaping contractors to provide clients with a high quality service suited to their individual needs and requirements. Or if you already have a contractor in mind I can work with them. In addition I am able to source high quality garden features and fittings to suit both client taste and budget.